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Accelerate Your Team's Transition To React.
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On-Site Corporate Training

Sessions on React, Redux, testing, reusable components, GraphQL, automated builds, and more. Tailored to your team. Reach out for a detailed proposal.


Looking for someone experienced to embed with your team to get things rolling? I've helped teams ship dozens of successful React projects. Let's talk.

Online Interactions

Prefer interactive virtual sessions? Architectural guidance, technology selection, and code reviews work great virtually. Let's set an agenda together.

Who is this guy?

Hi, I'm Cory. I specialize in rapidly transitioning teams to React.

Cory House

Software Architect, Author, International Speaker

I've been writing JavaScript since the days of Netscape. I've specialized in React since shortly after it was launched, and have partnered with teams around the globe to ship dozens of significant React projects. I've authored multiple courses on React and JavaScript that have been viewed by over 500,000 developers worldwide. I've trained over 10,000 developers in person, while leading 100's of sessions at businesses and conferences across the USA and internationally.


My clients are a happy bunch. Here's some recent feedback.

"Having Cory come in during our initial development phase for our new app was proven to be a very valuable decision. He pointed us toward restructuring our app in a way that we would have never thought to do. He cut unnecessary packages that we were very keen on using, but ultimately, were not necessary. Cory's expertise was not only in the domain of React, but also Webpack, which allowed us to refine our development and build processes. He has helped build a solid foundation that will be used across future app development at VideoAmp."

David Ung, Front End Engineer at VideoAmp

"Cory is a fantastic teacher. I appreciated his depth of knowledge delivered in a humble fashion."

Stephen Erstad - Software Engineer at Target

"Cory took the time to methodically walk through the key decisions we needed to make to create a reusable React development environment for our team. He paired with our development team to implement a custom solution that suited our unique needs and preferences. With Cory's help, we were able to accelerate our transition to React using a solid foundation for bundling, testing, transpiling, automated builds, and more."

Jeff Collier, CTO of MobyMax

"Cory is very knowledgeable and most importantly was very adaptive to our needs and catered the training as we go. He made the sessions engaging and entertaining. He made it a comfortable environment to ask questions and gave great direction on what technology to use going forward."

Wilson Zhang, Development Manager at Tideworks Technology

"Cory helped us design our app around a strong seed application. This is the sort of thing that we would do on our own, but in such a way that would need re-writing, i.e. learning by doing. Creating a solid structure, core, ui, theme, and starter, and being highly opinionated allowed us to consistently make decisions that benefit current AND future developers. Cory helped us design a project will "keep the easy problems from becoming hard problems"-- a key goal of our team. Cory's wisdom around Redux was a well-needed point of view, because we lacked the experience to know that we didn't need it for many situations. Opting out of Redux-by-default, where we would have also probably overused it, will save us a lot of time, headache, and will make the system easier to learn and work with."

Ed Bramanti, Senior Developer at VideoAmp

"Cory is one of the masters of React that I have followed for the past few years. He's even better in person, mostly because you get a bunch of insights from his experience you don't always get from video training, books or online articles."

Jim Pickering, Senior Web Developer at SkillPath

"Cory discussed multiple ways to do things and why you would chose one over another. This will save me a lot of time when I encounter those situations. Cory has an openness to discuss and learn while presenting. This created a comfortable learning environment for individuals to ask questions."

David LaHaye, Software Engineer at Target



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